Your Ceremony is, without a doubt, the most important part of the day! Between picking out your color scheme and sending out guests lists, sometimes we can get a little distracted from what the day is truly all about – YOUR MARRIAGE!

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raleigh wedding photographer
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I’m a full believer that your marriage has the chance to impact other people’s lives. Read that again and let that sink in. Your marriage can inspire other people to overcome challenges, love unconditionally, not settle, and find a love like yours. I say that not to put pressure on you to be “perfect,” but to encourage you to show what marrying your other half truly means to you. What is it that makes your heart flutter? What is it that you are truly promising to one another? Make sure you are being intentional about what you want your ceremony to be and represent for you as a couple. Below are some tips to making that happen!

– Picking the right Officiant can have a huge impact on your ceremony. Do you want a Pastor from your church? or your parents’ church? Is an important family member or friend marrying you two? Whoever it is, make sure they know who you are as a couple and that you are all on the same page about what you do or don’t want in your ceremony.

– Do you want to have any Unity Ceremony acts? Taking communion with one another, praying over one another, having your wedding party and parents pray over you, playing worship song, mixing sand, lighting a candle, or planting a small tree are some ideas and things I’ve seen that can be very meaningful for starting your lives together.

– Also be intentional about what songs you choose. Typically, you’ll need one for your parents & wedding party walking down the aisle, another one for you walking down the aisle, and one for you and your husband walking down the aisle after you’re pronounced “husband & wife!” Also consider having a song play while you are doing one of the ceremonial things listed above. Your DJ and/or ceremonial musicians will also be able to provide additional insight!

No matter what you choose, just make sure it makes both you and your fiancé happy, and it is true to YOU!

My photographic style during the ceremony: In a typical ceremony, I will start off in the front to get people walking down the aisle, and more importantly, you walking down the aisle! I also will get the groom’s reaction to seeing you. That is the only time (unless you tell me otherwise) that I will be out in the open. After that, I will sneak to main aisle and hang out there. I usually will stay about mid-aisle and move back and forth between the middle and back. If I’m able, I’ll also alternate between shooting the side angles so I can see your face, and see your fiancé’s face. I do this so I’m still able to capture the beautiful moments shared between you two, but also not be too distracting to your guests!

Of course, this style may change depending on how your venue is laid out. It could also change depending on if you are getting married in a church, as they sometimes have very specific rules of where I can and can’t be during a ceremony. I recommend if you’re getting married in a church to please ask in advance if there are any photography rules we should be aware of. This helps me prepare to make sure I have all the right lenses I need for your wedding day. If there are rules I have to follow, don’t worry! I’ve photographed weddings in a lot of churches, so I am used to having to adapt to these types of things!