wilmington wedding photographer
wilmington wedding photographer
wilmington wedding photographer
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raleigh wedding photographer-26
raleigh wedding photographer
raleigh wedding photographer
raleigh wedding photographer

Booking: Once you book your Wedding Photography package with me, we schedule your engagement session! I typically suggest scheduling about 3 months in advance of when you actually want your schedule to take place. Because my peak seasons are Spring and Fall and my schedule is jammed packed with weddings, I offer a very limited number of sessions during those months! So, if you want your session during Spring or Fall, make sure you book ASAP to ensure you get one of my exclusive spots!!

–Location: If you’re struggling to pick out what location to have your engagement session, here are a few tips to help you choose:
*Do you have a favorite “spot” you and your fiancé go to often?
*Is there a meaningful spot for you and your fiancé? Where you first met, where you were proposed to, where he first asked you out, etc.?

–Are you:
*Beach people? Let’s head to the coast!
*Mountain people? Looks like we’re heading West!
*City people? Downtown it is!
*The Outdoorsy type? A field, meadow, or park may be your best bet!

–My Favorite Places:
*Raleigh area: Downtown, Capitol Building, Rooftop parking garages (the best light ever- you’d be surprised!!), Joyner Park, Historic Oak View, Raleigh Rose Garden, Azalea Gardens

*Wilmington area: Wrightsville Beach neighborhoods, any beach access, South-end of Wrightsville Beach, Downtown by the Riverwalk, Fort Fisher, Southport

*Raleigh & Wilmington are my two biggest markets, but if you’re in a different area- don’t fret! I can still help you pick the perfect spot!

All in all, we can make this unique to you! If you don’t see an idea listed that you’re thinking of, still run it by me! We will make sure we pick the perfect spot for you!

-What to Wear:
I always tell my couples to dress up a little more than they are used to. It may be a little out of character (or maybe not!) but it really does add to the experience when you are looking back on your photos.

I can attest to this, as I took my engagement photos just last year. I am the girl who rarely dresses up and has a super laid-back wardrobe, but I decided to dress up because I wanted to feel extra beautiful in the pictures. It paid off because the pictures turned out great! I love looking through them and seeing us both in our best 🙂

-For Women:
*I always recommend long, flowy dresses/skirts because they photograph so beautifully!
*If it’s too chilly for dresses, I recommend sweaters/sweater dresses with a dressy scarf or necklace!
*Lighter colors or neutral colors are the most flattering for skin-tones and the overall aesthetic “light and airy” style of the photo!
*Most popular colors: neutral, white, light blue, navy blue, blush, sage green

-For Men:
*If you’re going for a super dressy look, I would recommend nice dress pants and a button up shirt, with a blazer.
*If you want to be more on the casual side, I would recommend khakis and button up shirt
*Keep in mind that checkered or plaid shirts can actually photograph a little strange and create unflattering appearances, so I recommend sticking to solid colors!

-Reminders for Both:
*Stick to solid colors that complement each other. Nothing too bright, or bold/busy patterns. They will be distracting in the pictures, trust me!
*Avoid bright shades of colors, as they can reflect off of your skin and become unflattering. Neutral or light colors are always great options and add to the “airy” style.
*Avoid wearing greens if the location choice is at a park, field, or meadow. Most likely, there will already be a lot of green in the photos with grass and trees, so wearing green will be A LOT of green in your photo!

***Note for fall season*** reds and burgundy are popular colors this time of year. Keep in mind if you have a paler skin tone, reds will actually reflect off of your skin! Make sure your color choices aren’t too bold!

-Store Recommendations:
*Morning Lavender
*Baltic Born
*Altar’d State
*Amazon shop

For picture examples of what to wear click here!

Thinking of getting your hair and makeup done for your session? Or even getting your florist to do a mini bouquet? Let’s do it! After all, it is a special occasion right?! Remember to check out my Vendor Page for my favorite recommendations!

-Photography & Posing Style:
I use a mix of poses and prompts when photographing you to ensure we get the REAL you! I want you guys to look back on your photos and think “wow that’s so us!” To do that, I need you to trust me!

Engagement Sessions are way more fun that you’d think (I’m taking to you, grooms!) It’s the perfect chance for us to get to know each other more and for you to get more comfortable in front of the camera so that by wedding day, I’m not just some stranger showing up to take your photos.

Let’s be honest, guys tend to not love this part BUT let’s just say that I often have guys thanking me by the end of the session for “actually making it fun.” Just trust me!


How long are engagement sessions? When should we schedule with you?

Typically, engagement sessions last about 1-1.5 hours.
- If it’s one location and one outfit = 1 hour
- One location, two outfits = a little over 1 hour
- Two locations, one/two outfit(s) = 1.5 hours

I recommend you scheduling your session with me about 2-3 months in advanced (at least!) of when you want to have it. Keep in mind, fall and spring are my busiest times of year!

Is travel/driving time included in the session time?

Yes, a session can be up to 1.5 hours long and this is including your driving time to different locations. Make sure that if you pick two locations, they are close together so that it doesn’t take away from our shooting time!

I know you're based in Raleigh, but will you travel for Engagement Sessions

Yes! I am definitely willing to travel, as long as I have the availability to do so. Please note, small travel fee may be charged to account for gas, mileage, and time spent traveling.


We are so awkward in front of the camera. Will you help us?

Of course, that’s my job! You probably wouldn’t know it from seeing my photos, but 90% of my couples say tell me before a session they are “so awkward,” but you’d never even know it because the photos always turn out amazing!! That’s because I use a mix of poses and prompts so I can coach you into poses, but also let you be your authentic selves. I’m there to guide you because I know what looks best, and I won’t ever just leave you hanging wondering what to do!

My fiancé hates taking photos. How do you handle that?

LOL because I get this all. the. time. This is nothing new to me! Let’s be real- guys are there to please their ladies. I get it, I accept it, and it’s all good in my book. I try to make the session a good time for everyone, and honestly by the end of my sessions the guys are thanking me for “actually making it fun.” It also doesn’t hurt if you let him drink a beer or two before the session but you didn’t hear that from me…. ;)

raleigh wedding photographer

Where do we change outfits?

Typically, a public restroom is nearby, but thanks to my easy-going couples, most of my couples are fine changing in their cars if all else fails. One person “keeps watch” or they put towels in the windows to avoid being seen.

What outfit do we start with?

I usually start with the more casual outfit first, and then end the session with the dressier outfit. Sometimes I can recommend the opposite due to location choices, but typically this is how it goes!

raleigh wedding photographer-26