A common dilemma my couples have is deciding on a having a First Look or No First Look. There are SO MANY reasons to have one or not to have one, and it always comes down to simply staying true to you. The answer to this question really comes down to what is MOST important to you on your wedding day. Once you have that decided, we figure out which options makes the most sense in order to capture what is truly most important to you but also creates a relaxed & un-hurried day for you and your fiancé. No one wants to be rushed or stressed on a wedding day!

*First Look:
– More time with your hubby: you’ll get a nice intimate moment with your S.O. before all of your guests arrive and the day really begins!
– It’s a great way to get out those pre-ceremony jitters and take the pressure off before you’re in front of a lot of people!
– Overall, if you are more introverted, or less “center of attention” people, this may be a good option for you!
– Also a great option if you will be switching locations a lot throughout the day because it can save time later on from tons of portraits after the ceremony!
– Another perk: MORE PHOTOS TOGETHER! This is another reason why a lot of people choose this option. You’ll get photos together before and after the ceremony.
– Personal story: I did a first look with my husband, and we both still cried our eyes out as I walked down the aisle! It was one of my favorite moments of the day!

*No First Look:
– More of a traditional approach
– First time seeing your fiancé will be as you walk down the aisle!
– I completely get why people choose this and I don’t blame them! If it works with your timeline to skip the first look, I say go for it!

*Alternative First Look options:
– If you’re set on not seeing your fiancé before the ceremony, then there could be a “best of both worlds” approach so you still get some time together!
– First Touch: hold hands or say a prayer together. We can either blindfold you, stand back to back, or hold hands around the corner of a wall or door!
– Read your letters to each other: typically, down back to back or with a wall/door in between you two, you could each take turns reading your letters to each other out loud.

Again- stay true to you!! These are just some ideas and insight so you can begin talking it out with your fiancé and get you thinking about your day! You’ll be surprised how many times you’ll change your mind from reading this until right before wedding day, but whatever you choose, make sure you both are united in that decision!