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Kelly and Kyle’s Winter Wedding – The Longhouse – Stokesdale, NC

February 4, 2018

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Like most people, I always get excited to watch the groom see his bride for the first time. But I find it almost just as exciting watching the bridesmaids see their beloved friend in her wedding dress for the first time. This moment for Kelly definitely lived up to my excitement!

I sat all of the bridesmaids on the couches and told them to close their eyes while Kelly walked out. To them, it probably felt like a million years of waiting, and they were all giggling as their anticipation grew. As soon as their eyes opened, jaws dropped and gasps filled the room. With no exaggeration, Kelly looked absolutely stunning! (If you need confirmation, just keep scrolling!) Seeing the love and support of her friends was such a fun moment to be a part of.

Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging…Kyle seeing his bride for the first time was just as exciting! The love in his eyes was undeniable as he watched her walk down the aisle. The best part was seeing her get so giddy at the alter and shake with excitement waiting to kiss her husband.

Congratulations, Kelly and Kyle! Your winter wedding was so beautiful and I know your life together will be even more beautiful! Keep smiling, keep dancing, and most importantly- keep loving each other the way you already do!

Venue: The Longhouse in Stokesdale, NC.

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