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Our Engagement Story: an Epic Mountaintop Proposal

October 1, 2018

As our wedding day approaches, I’ve reflected a lot on our 4.5 years of dating and how much we have evolved as couple from the beginning, and especially during our engagement! So, I wanted to write out our mountaintop proposal and engagement story. The point of this is to not only share with you, but mostly to share with my future self so I can look back and relive this awesome moment!

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The proposal was perfect. Epic, as I like to say. And honestly as cheesy as it sounds, it felt like one big metaphor to what we had experienced already, and our future together.

As we were planning our trip to Colorado, I had one of those bucket list items that I convinced CJ to agree to do. That was hiking a 14er. And if you’re not sure what that is, by definition it’s a mountain with an elevation greater than 14,000 ft. Now for us east coasters, this means it’s a REALLY FREAKING TALL MOUNTAIN.

We decided on Quandary Peak, a 6.7 mile trail right outside of Breckenridge, CO and stands at 14,265 ft. We had researched and prepped for this adventure and I was sure I was fully prepared. I’ll admit I even nagged CJ about drinking enough water and eating enough snacks to prevent altitude sickness. Well irony tends to sneak up on us, right? 🙂

We woke up when it was still dark out and hit the trail. We were ready. to. go. And it was beautiful, truly. But let’s just say my body quickly started to hate me. Here’s when the irony kicks in. CJ could have skipped up the whole mountain no problem, but he happened to be with someone whose body did not like being that high up! Not exaggerating, I almost fainted twice. But anytime I wanted to give up I just looked around and took it all in. Seriously some of the most gorgeous landscapes I’ve ever seen in my life. And God’s beauty kept me going, even if it was at a snails pace. My stubborn self wasn’t going to not see the top of that mountain!

I was increasingly looking more and more rough when CJ suggested we sit down for a minute to rest. We weren’t far at all from the top but I can only assume he was worried we weren’t going to make it to the top based on how I looked. So for him, the time was now!

I honestly only remember him saying “this has been burning a hole in my pocket ever since I got this…” And that’s when I saw him pull out the ring box. This is also when I simultaneously “blacked out” and forget every word that followed. I have no recollection of what he said once I saw that ring box but I do remember immediately sobbing tears of joy while holding out my left hand, insinuating a “yes.”

After gaining my composure and congratulating him on successfully surprising me, he said, “so you want to head back down or are we finishing this?”

“Oh we are doing this!!” It was the bit of pep in my step that I needed because after that we practically ran up to that summit, feeling on top of the world. (Quite literally ;))

mountain proposal

When we got engaged we had been dating about 3.5 years. At the start of it all, we had no idea the path God would lead us down and the “mountains” we would face. We started going to church again, did long distance, grew closer to God, and as a result, were guided to do things we never thought we would do (or wanted to do). But in the end, we are so glad we listened to God and started doing things His way.

We learned a very valuable lesson: God’s way is always better. And His plans for us are always better than our own. We know this because God carried us over a few mountains in our relationship. And I know being the way life is, more mountains will follow, but we choose to climb them together. And thankfully we have a God who goes through it with us and carries us to the other side. We have a God who continuously teaches us how to love more like Him. Because even in our weakness, he still chooses us. Just like CJ did on that mountain.

In 5 short days, we will choose each other forever. Although I was so ready to marry him right when he got down on that knee, I now feel even more rock solid and excited for this life ahead. We just keep growing, and it just keeps getting better and better.

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