It’s becoming more and more popular these days to have a send-off at your wedding, but that doesn’t mean you HAVE to have one. If you haven’t noticed yet…a recurring motto of mine is “stay true to you!” or in other words, you do you boo 🙂 But if you are thinking about having an one, keep scrolling for things some advice!

If you’re thinking of having a send-off, here are some things to consider:

If sticking to 8 hours is important for you to stay within your budget:
*It’s common for a photographer to not stay until the very end of your wedding day. A lot of my brides are okay with this, knowing that their friends will all have their phones out by then,
*Or couples stagger the photographer/videographer coverage throughout the day and have the videographer stay until the end.
*Another option would be what we call a “mock send-off.” This is when couples do an alternative send-off by instead doing one during the “announcements” portion as the DJ announces the wedding party and Bride/Groom. Or they’ll do it mid-reception when the energy is falling off and the dance floor is becoming less and less crowded. They use it as a way to boost the mood and get people hyped up for the remaining of reception!

If you have room in your budget to add on additional hours, then staying until the end is no problem and all portions of the day can be captured! 9 hours of coverage is typically fine for this, but if you are switching locations through-out the day that could be taking away from photo time (i.e. ceremony is in one spot, reception in the other), 10 hours might be your best option.

Send-off Ideas:
Sparkler Exit: be sure to talk with your venue to make sure they allow it and if they have any rules/restrictions for sparklers! Alcohol and sparklers are an interesting mix…we don’t want anyone’s hair getting burnt, or any part of the venue getting burnt either!
– Tip #1: have at least 2 buckets of sand for your guests to dump your sparklers into when they’re done for easy clean up and accident prevention. Some venues will provide this for you!
– Tip #2: if your venue is against sparklers, ask if as a compromise just you two can hold one. Your guests can still be around you cheering and clapping, but you two can hold one as a celebratory gesture, and it will still be cute for pics!

Bubbles: Typically, it’s best when there is some light left in the day, but either way, make sure you have A LOT of bubbles so they show up in your photos! More is better in this case!

Confetti: Perfect for super FUN crowds and getting people hyped up about your wedding day!

Flower Petals: super classy and “traditional” way of celebrating
– Tip: double check with your venue to see if real flowers petals are required. Some think that they can get fake petals to save some money, but some venues don’t allow this because of the clean-up involved.

Welcome/Introduction Tunnel or Exit Tunnel: A fun way to get your guests really excited and hyped up while congratulating you!
– Tip: Tell the DJ to play your favorite song while he/she instructs your guests to create two lines and put their hands up forming a “tunnel” that you and your husband run through.