*Months leading up to your Wedding: I will be sending you a Wedding Day Questionnaire a couple months prior to wedding. This is so I can be fully prepared and make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible! You can also make me aware of any last-minute changes, your list of Family Portrait combinations, and anything else that may helpful to either of us or your other vendors!

*Week of your Wedding: Can you believe after waiting months, or even a year, of being engaged, your wedding is right around the corner?! Well now is the time that excitement can turn into a mile-long to-do list. So, I’m here to tell you to NOT SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF! Enjoy this week and soak it all in! Delegate tasks out if you need to- trust me- people WANT to help and be involved so if you’re feeling overwhelmed don’t be too stubborn and just ask for help!

*I also recommend getting all of your things together and organized such as your details and accessories, and packing a suitcase if you are staying the night somewhere else or jet-setting off to your honeymoon right after the wedding.

*As family and friends start getting into town, you want to be able to enjoy that time with them without thinking about all the random last-minute things you have to do. So go ahead and knock that stuff out so you can be fully present with them the nights leading up to your wedding!

*Morning of your wedding day: IT’S FINALLY HERE!!! whether you’re waking up alone, or in a house full of your bridesmaids, I highly suggest having some “me time,” and taking a moment by yourself before you rush out the door to start getting ready. Let it soak in that that this is really happening! Take a moment of gratitude, go on a morning walk, do a quick yoga routine, or maybe just sip your coffee in peace. Whatever you do, just take a moment to ground yourself before the day begins.

*Emergency Kit: here are some things that come in handy on wedding day:
– Water and snacks, pack a cooler if you need to!
– Lunch: make sure you eat lunch!!! No one likes a hangry bride! 🙂 Common and easy lunch foods are subs or sandwiches, and you can’t go wrong with some Chick Fil A nuggets!
– Small sewing kit for those “just in case” moments.
– Double-sided tape
– Advil, Tylenol, or Ibuprofen
– Band-Aids or a First Aid Kit
– Crochet Hook to help button you into your dress faster

*Details: Last but not least, details! The first thing I do when I arrive to wedding day is take photos of all of your “details.” It is a HUGE help if you gather them and have them all together so I’m not showing up and wondering where everything is, or even you forget where you put everything! Having everything already together will save a bunch of time on wedding day. Usually brides put everything in a shoe box or bag so it is easily accessible for me!

*Here is a list of common detail shots:
– BOTH sets of rings. I need you and your fiancé’s! Designate someone to be responsible for getting the correct rings back to the groom’s side before the wedding once I’m done with details!
– Any other jewelry you’re wearing: bracelets, earrings, necklaces, etc.
– Any hair clips/pins/combs, etc.
– Perfume
– Your shoes
– Invitation Suite
– Groom’s accessories (if he wants!): shoes, tie, watch, socks, etc.
– Any Family Heirlooms you have that are an important part of the wedding day.
– Handwritten vows/letters to one another
– Extra Blooms: this one is a big one!! Your detail photos will look 100x better if I have extra blooms! Ask your florist beforehand if she can leave behind extra blooms for the photographer to use for the detail shots. Most, if not all, florists I know will be glad to do this!

Reminder: typically I need about 45 min – 1 hour to get the detail shots you see and love in my portfolio and Instagram feed! If we have changed your timeline around to only account for 30 minutes of details, chances are I will not be able to shoot all of the above mentioned in that allotted time. In this case, I’ll need you to communicate with me what your priority detail shots are so I can make sure I get those! If I happen to have any time leftover, I will get the remaining shots.